Bangin’ The Window Washer – Paige Turner and Brad Sterling – Scoreland

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Window washer Brick gets some instructions from the tough homeowner about the kind of professional job he expects…or there’s going to be big problems. And even bigger problems if Brick even so much as breathes on his daughter. Brick is cool with that until he sees the grouch’s daughter. She happens to be Paige Turner, a girl with an unstoppable body and the biggest natural tits. Her melons are firm and filled with ripe goodness–tightly packed, with superb hang. Naturally, Brick’s first window is Paige’s bedroom. While he’s washing it, Paige taunts and teases him, struts over to the window and squishes her tantalizing ta-tas against the glass. Wiggling her finger, Paige beckons him into her room and her bed. She gives him a deep kiss (“I love kissing,” Paige said in an interview.) and goes south on his shaft with a sloppy, down-to-the root deep throat blow job.Paige takes his cock, wet from her spit, and places it firmly between her knockers and gives him the best and biggest tit fuck he’s ever had in his life. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Paige bounces on the springy mattress, milking and massaging his man-meat. This SCORELAND discovery knows how to boob-bang a boner. Getting Brick stiff with her talented mouth and cleavage is just part of Paige’s playbook. Now she wants her pussy fucked well and hard and gets into bed, sticking one leg up and spreading her pussy wide for Brick to bone. Surely her dad will kill him now but she was worth it. Bravo, Paige Turner.